Good afternoon,

I recently left a position as the managing editor and copy editor for Jenna Barrington, CEO of The Hired Pen in Salt Lake City. My duties included copy editing, rewriting, source checking and publishing all article submissions. Additionally, I also managed Ms. Barrington’s social network platforms to help her grow her audience as well as client base.

The largest portion of my job was quality control and doing extensive back checks on any and all articles submitted to the company. As a result, my research skills have become one of the key points of my resume.

Prior to working for THP, I was the General Manager for LAFitness clubs across the eastern seaboard. I had been one of the top producers in the Northern Virginia district for LA Fitness and Fitness International. As the General Manager, I ran a fast paced, customer experience focused, fitness club. During my tenure at LAF, I have managed several different locations, improving profit numbers and customer satisfaction at each location. My specialties include customer service management, personal training and nutrition consulting as well as sales and marketing.
Previously I was also the editor and designer for a non-profit, managing their quarterly magazine. I was well versed in InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop as well as responsible for all editing and contact with authors and publishers.

I am meticulous in my editing and writing style. I will read each sentence individually first to check for typos, then full paragraphs to determine flow, then sections to make it cohesive, and finally again as an entire article. There have been times that I have rearranged or even rewritten portions of an article to make it most readable. Every cited source I will check for reliability and will also do additional research to include.

Here are samples of both ghost writing work as well as copy editing:

On average for The Hired Pen, I would edit over 70 articles per month. We have a huge focus on quick turnaround so time management and multitasking are skills I have mastered.

I appreciate your time and look forward to talking with you!


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