Grant Writer

My name is Jennifer Green and I would like to be considered for the position of grant writer. I am a stay at home mother and chose to go back to work in the virtual sense after leaving the traditional workplace to raise a family.

I took the initiative, upon being hired as a receptionist, to write several successful grants for the Foundation for Learning; a non-profit organization for the developmentally disabled.

Although the remaining employment positions I held did not require writing solicitations, I did find myself volunteering for various organizations including the Plantation Volunteer Fire Association, writing letters to acquire sponsorships for their annual fundraiser.

Upon leaving the corporate workplace, I was a homemaker for a few months before I had an overwhelming urge to do something more. I opened a home-based gift basket business and successfully ran it alone for seven years, until choosing to dissolve it and pursue a lifestyle less demanding than a self employed business owner.

I have spent the last five years working as a virtual assistant for a company in Texas. I did a variety of analyzing tasks and projects as well as provide administrative support to my Project Manager. I worked as an independent contractor, hired from this site and was just advised that some restructuring decisions have been made and my contract is ending.

I am the daughter of a retired career secretary. Successful writing is not a genetic trait; however, living with a legal secretary does prove beneficial in learning essentials skills needed to write professionally and it also ignites a passion for words.

I am flexible in schedule and negotiable in salary. I value the feeling of utilizing the career skills I worked hard to possess, within the environment I chose to be in with my family.

I am tech savvy, willing and capable of learning unfamiliar program formats rather quickly.

Thank you for the consideration, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,
Jennifer Green
(954) 445-1789

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