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Dear: Global Media Research & Consulting Partners,

Your position of Administrative/Virtual Assistant at Global Media Research & Consulting Partners is of interest to me: I have a well-rounded background of meeting deliverables in interpreting and analyzing data.

I have maintained a successful career in the finance department and the change would be welcome. I have worked with all levels of staff, including public officials, auditors, and the general public. The opportunity to work in a progressive government environment is one I want to seize.


Management Understand and appreciate the importance of a team;
As a director ensuring the entire team understands expectations through daily five minutes meetings.

Leadership Consistently lead teams to success by leading through example. Growth within the organization is possible.

Communication Skills Delivered goals and polices through team building events that involved active participation from each department.

Project Management Ability to initiate, plan, execute and control student activities to create strong relationships.

I have been repeatedly promoted within organizations based upon my exemplary performance. My management style has allowed me to develop strong partnerships with multiple departments and across functions. What this document cannot show you is my passion and commitment to helping communities flourish through my belief that people properly influenced can make magic happen.

I thrive on challenge and work hard – I also know the value of working smart. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications relative to your needs in greater detail at the earliest opportunity.


Sabrina Brigmohan

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