General VA Cover Letter 02.2018

To Whom It May Concern:
Over the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work at all levels of non-profit management. This summer, my position with JDRF was eliminated during the most recent reorganization. While unfortunate, this change has provided me with the opportunity to consider my next professional journey. I know I still want to somehow “help people” and work for a dynamic company but am ready for a change both professionally and for my family. When beginning to look into the world of virtual work, I appreciated the opportunity to maintain an active career while balancing the needs of my family more effectively.
While I did not have a VA title, many of the responsibilities I had throughout my career were in line with the expectations of being a VA:
• Communication
o Managed multiple inboxes (all types of correspondence) and calendars including planning and scheduling of meetings and travel
o Drafted emails and communications on behalf of others; hosted and opened conference calls; prepared documents and all meeting materials
o Provided donor (customer) support including timely response to emails and calls as well as direct interaction
• Human Resources
o Posted positions, screened candidates, completed all corresponding paperwork
o Managed onboarding of staff at all levels
• Event Management
o Worked directly with hotels/convention centers to book rooms, organize meals, schedule and manage AV
• General Logistics and Ops
o Managed Vendors
o Organized travel arrangements including flights and hotel
o Worked in Microsoft office applications
o Effectively worked virtually for 10 years
Generally speaking, I am extremely organized and able to multi-task. I have always been expected to work independently and deadlines were a constant in my career. I am outgoing and truly enjoy working with people. I have excellent writing and general communication skills and “managed up” to multiple individuals simultaneously. My teams were always working with the goal of giving 110%. In a national health non-profit, we were always “re-organizing” and adapting was a standing expectation so I feel prepared to adjust to all management styles and company cultures.
I recognize my resume may not translate well, but I left it intact so that you could see the breadth of experience. Within these roles, I wore many hats. Strategic and operational planning and project management were consistent expectations just as much as managing our own (and others) admin and ops needs.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position in more detail.
Thank you once again for your consideration.
Lindsay McLean

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