General CL for Coffee Gator

Adrienne Romer-Jordan
2445 Bristol Road, Columbus, OH 43221
Cell: (619)739-1421

Dear Helen,

I am writing to express my interest in the postcard/mail distributor position you have posted on I have a little over four years of administrative, marketing, and business development experience. I have always been praised for my handwriting skills and my print and cursive is legible and neat.

In my most recent role, I worked as an Administrative Coordinator at a high profile law firm. I was tasked with maintaining newsletters, assisting with events, editing pitches and proposals, designing brochures and booklets, contacting clients, and tracking practice group expenditures. I also was in charge of a lot of design work for internal events. I created posters, invitations, flyers and other graphic materials that occasionally required some handwritten details.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Publisher and PowerPoint. I have a strong work ethic and learn quickly. Though I have been out of the office environment since the birth of my daughter a year ago, I believe I still possess several valuable skills for the position you are hoping to fill.

Please find my resume attached and I look forward to getting a chance to speak with you.

Adrienne Romer-Jordan

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