Erica Neumann
27365 Frank Gibert Lane- Lacombe, LA 70445

March 17, 2016

Gareth Stageman
GGCT Assets, L.L.C.

Re: Virtual Assistant

Dear Garreth:

I read with interest your posting for Virtual Assistant on hiremymom.com. I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience you are seeking and would make a valuable addition to your company.
You indicated in your post that you are looking for someone who is patient with the willingness to learn. I am a self-motivated, multi tasker with the ability to learn new things quickly. I have the ability to “wear different hats”; At my current job as a legal secretary, there are often times I am asked to create advertising materials, sell outdated office furniture, fix a crashing iMac, or exterminate an infestation of wasps in the attic, all while providing the highest quality of service to clients, and keeping the coffee fresh. If something needs to be done, I jump at the opportunity to do it.
In summary, I believe I am able to offer you great enthusiasm, passion and strong capabilities for your growing company. I thank you in advance for considering my application and I would very much like an opportunity to speak with you to discuss my candidacy further.

Erica L. Neumann

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