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Hello Mr. Jacobs,
I am applying for the Blogger position you have on hiremymom. I have been blogging for over three years now where I have written once a week consistently. I also have a journal full of articles just waiting to be written.
One of my superpowers (if you want to call it that) is coming up with content for your company and then writing about it. Once I get to know your objectives and your mission, I can easily create content that will reflect your brand, mission, and attract ideal clients to your website.
I have been writing for my whole life – literally. I wrote tons of books while I was a teenager, have published three books since then, and have written over 200 articles on my own blog as well as been published in numerous magazines, websites as a guest blogger, and newspapers. Please see my resume for the variety of places I have been published (I will also link some articles).
Although I am not familiar with Hubspot, I am more than willing to learn it and get to know the space more. I know enough about inbound marketing to get by and would be happy to take the free certification through Hubspot. I will probably take it anyways since I am always looking for ways to grow and know my trade even more.
Here are articles I have written over the past few years:

3 Easy Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Calendar

5 Reasons Why Influencers Should Begin Blogging Now

I cannot wait to hear back from you and your company. I am looking forward to serving your team soon! Have a great day.
Monica Miller

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