First General Cover

Dear Hiring Professional,
While posting my resume on the HireMyMom job board, I came across several companies for which I believe I would make a valuable addition.
As my resume indicates, I possess more than ten years of multi-industry experience in the business startup and management fields. My professional history includes positions such as General Manager, CEO, Front Office Manager, as well as Owner of several companies.
Most recently, my responsibilities as Front Office Manager at Bowling Green Times add qualifications that many progressive companies are seeking. As the Front Office Manager, my responsibilities include maintaining and uploading to the company website as well as graphic design and editing and proofreading for our writers. My supervisor also relies on my ability to be self-reliant and a confident decision maker so she can focus on her publishing duties.
My expertise lays in the research, software, and computer related abilities. I have also utilized my drive and creativity for several start-up businesses and have a passion for marketing and business branding.
I would be an excellent choice for any new & upcoming business as the excitement of the growth possible is what gives me my drive. I look forward to the opportunities that abound on this job board and in meeting the new executives that need help growing their dreams.

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