Fee Fighters Writer

Dear Cari Strauss,

The job post for a blog writer for your company caught my eye. During college I worked for a small newspaper group. I spent my summers working in the office, editing articles and pursuing interviews for the articles I was assigned. I thoroughly enjoyed this work. So much so that when I spent a year in Spain I started a blog of my own and enjoyed writing down some of my experiences.

Where did I learn to write? In high school there was a teacher who challenged me to not just use “be verbs” but expand beyond the easy. She would mark off for be verbs, sentences that started with the same words in a row or ended with a conjunction. When I look back, I am so thankful for the ways she challenged my writing and pushed me to my limits.

Now, to say I am a phenomenal writer would be too much, but I can definitely write an article succinctly with wit and intelligence.

Having a business background, I know financially terminology and it’s meanings. In my time with Northwestern Mutual I was responsible for calling and responding to clients in a professional manner. In short, it would be a joy to write for your company. Please let me know when we could schedule an interview.

Thank you for your consideration,

Charlotte Cantrell

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