Experienced Web Designer & SEO Pro Cover Letter

I am looking for an interesting and challenging job working with quality people who love what they do. As a self-motivated, outside-the-box entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, I am confident that my creative expertise and qualifications would make an excellent fit with the right company.
As you will see in my resume, my career was launched by website design and turned into running my own mini agency out of my home. I call my business my ‘hobby gone out of control.’ It exists because I was good at web design and had excellent customer service (which is very rare in my industry), so word-of-mouth continued to keep me in business. Then we moved states! My business has taken an inevitable hit, and while I continue to network locally, I am looking for additional opportunities online. I work almost exclusively in WordPress as a website designer and developer, creating custom-designed responsive sites. I also have extensive training in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Google AdWords. So not only can I make you a beautiful, mobile-friendly website – I can get people to visit it as well!
Since this is on hiremymom.com, I feel compelled to mention my three young daughters who have been with me at home during my entrepreneur journey. I also have three dogs and a wonderful husband who puts up with all of us!
Thank you for considering me for this position and taking the time to review my application.
Kelly Diekmann, MBA

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