Experienced Blogger/Writer

I would love to speak with you about your Blogger position. I absolutely love blogging, freelance writing, editing, social media and content marketing.

My freelance and blogging experience and skill sets encompass all of the attributes your business is searching for. I know I can contribute a positive and forward business approach to assist in the continued success and growth or your brand.

Some key strengths I possess for success in the position include:
• Ability to create and maintain WordPress.org blogs
• Proficient in creating site content using SEO strategies.
• Knowledgeable in social media networking and commenting to promote site content and improve web traffic.
• Ability to utilize video marketing, article marketing, social media, and other marketing techniques to promote business
• Experience in working with clients to provide rich online content that influences their prospects and help customers find them with effective search engine optimization.
• Ability to create articles, blog posts and branded website content that will get ideal customers to your website and keep them there.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration. I am confident that with my experience, I will add value to your business. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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