Executive Assistant with more…

Dear Manager,

I am that person who can see the big picture. The one who can think critically and strategize on ways to deliver the best quality product in the most efficient way. I LOVE taking on seemingly daunting tasks and doing the cleanup work. From “horrible mess” to “thing of beauty”. Not every organization has such a mess… but the skills required to do this are beneficial regardless. My deep need to organize. My strong sense of determination to see any task through to completion. My ability to widen my perspective to find creative solutions. My ease of adaptation to new processes and systems. My self-sufficiency, to do the work without a “babysitter”. My experience and ability to put myself in your customer’s shoes. My sharp intuition, that guides me to know what needs to be done before you have to ask. These will all available to the company that takes me on.

I hope you meet you soon,


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