Erin Stutes’ Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Dray:

The position of your assistant is very appealing to me and I feel that my experience and interests make me a good candidate for the role. I’m looking for a change, I have a young daughter and would like to have more time with her while still working and contributing to something outside of the home.

In my 6 years of teaching, I have developed good communication skills and am proficient with many applications on technology. In the education field, as well as many others I’m sure, there’s constantly new apps or programs to implement and most of them I’ve taught myself how to use. Although I’m not proficient with Mailchimp or Canva, I feel that I could learn how to use them well. I regularly use social media and Google Drive so I’m very familiar with those applications. I also love history, it was my minor in college, so it would be an added bonus to be an assistant to an author of historical fiction novels.

I am sure that my energy and experience make me a viable candidate to assist you. If there are any additional questions, please call me at (920) 883-6920 or e-mail me at I appreciate your time and consideration.

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