Equipt4 LLC

February 13, 2017

Hello Scott,

I’m very interested in the Administrative/Virtual Assistant position and I like what I’ve read about Equipt4 LLC. First, my cat Minx thanks you for your wonderful Pet Fit For Life 4 Piece Dual Rod Feather Teaser, we spend a lot of time each day playing with that and he loves it! I’m also excited to learn more
about Your Spirit Space line as those products resonate with me.

If hired, here’s what I will do for you: I will immediately jump into this position, take ownership and strive to go above and beyond – I’m applying because I want to be a part of your team and with my background I think it would be a great fit. I am forward thinking when it comes to efficiency and will always be looking for ways to continue to grow and improve. I take great pride in my work, not only because it is a reflection of me, but more importantly it is a reflection of the person I’m working for. I’m extremely self motivated having worked from home for 8 years and I am a quick study when it comes to learning skills to succeed at my job. I currently do not have experience with Amazon backend but I’d love to learn it to assist the team.

To further show the value I can add to your organization, please consider this recommendation:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Cassandra and her individual, personal, professional attention that she has given me over the years would make me think that I am her only customer. In a day where many do as little as possible, Cassandra goes the extra mile. Proactively keeping me informed or educated on changes, putting together detailed information for clients and making things just “work out” in general. Her attention to detail, clear accurate communication and rapid turnaround to requests or questions makes my job easy. On top of the professional excellence she’s also built a relationship, one of trust with some added humor which makes working and talking with her a pleasure!”
Rita Wunderlich, Procurement Manager, Operations – Avtex Solutions, LLC

I’d like to request an interview with you so we can discuss my qualifications; you can reach me at 571-334-0091. I greatly appreciate your time!

Thank you,
Cassandra Kramer

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