Enthusiastic Marketing Manager

Hello WorldWide101,

I am an entrepreneur with a passion and drive to create. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing and over 4 years of experience.

Before becoming a new mom of a 5 month old, I spent 2 years running my own small business, where I was able to increase sales by 400% utilizing my marketing background. I curated quality content that was shared across various social media platforms and targeted my audience with photos, verbiage and contests. I analyzed the results to find the return on investment, ensuring any budget was fully utilized and to learn from mistakes.

I am a passionate person and eager to continue my work in the marketing field as I refine my skills. I love to learn and find joy and fulfillment in becoming better at any job or project that I take on. I pride myself in my creativity, people and communication skills.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to speak to you soon!


Keri Tout

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