Emily Gordon Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

In my current role as Director of Client Experience I’m managing one of our top clients and the account team for their retail activations. The experience I have in account management, compliance and strategy is uniquely fitted for your position. For the past year and a half I have also had an additional focus on innovation and vendor management to meet contractual KPIs. This has included the launch of a formal agency review and scorecard process that provided an opportunity to showcase my analytical skills.

Additional experience & successes:
• Pitched, won and launched first National sampling program for the world’s largest winery
• Managed 7-year relationship with one of company’s top clients
• Executed company’s first “Pay for Performance” resulting in $80,000 incremental EBITDA
• Developed vendor management program to drive agency performance, including +14% sales increase
• Vetted, contracted and on boarded vendors, increasing agency coverage by 50%

I am eager to meet with you to share in more detail how I can be a positive asset your team. Thank you for your consideration!


Emily Gordon

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