E360 Solutions

To Tony Leangpun
Company: e360solutions

Enclosed you will find my resume for the job of Data entry/ Processor. I believe that my skills would fit perfectly with the requirements and expectations of the job.
Many of my past jobs have required a large amount of computer adeptness. I have been required to update profiles in my job at Northwestern as a financial assistant. I also spent some summers during college updating and working on the database for mailing for the Texas Catholic Newspaper. In college I was required to take a data management class where I learned many skills in excel and how to process data through various software programs.
As a person, I have a keen attention to detail as well as a strong work ethic. You will not be waiting for me to complete my work as I am a self-starter and determined to do things with high accuracy the first time. I hope that we can discuss further my skills and abilities that fit your needs in your business.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to speaking with you further about this job opportunity.
Charlotte Cantrell

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