E-Book Copy Editor – Holzmann Ent.

August 23, 2016

Dear Mr. Holzmann:

Thanks for considering my application for the e-book copy editor position with Holzmann Enterprises. I believe I have just the right mix of qualifications and skills to assist you with creating e-books and other digital content.

I’ve worked primarily as an editor through much of my professional life, but have always written on the side. After taking early retirement from a technical editor position with an environmental engineering consulting firm for 21 years, I’m now working to build a freelance and home-based business. I’m at expert level in Microsoft Word (and have often created styles and templates over the years) and intermediate level in Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, I have Adobe Acrobat Professional and am well versed in using Adobe. I have basic graphic design skills and knowledge, basic SEO and website knowledge, and an eagerness to learn anything I don’t already know.

I’ve edited and formatted fiction books for both Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace (as well as creating covers for some of these books). I’ve also recently completed my own e-book (spelling out a simple process for selecting a rescue dog for adoption); I’m completing formatting on that now and plan to have it online soon. I can provide both editing and writing samples as requested.

Please let me know if you need other information. I look forward to talking with you further about the e book copy editor position with Holzmann Enterprises.

Victoria Potter
Skype: vicky.potter.6

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