DVMelite – Marketing Analytic Coordinator

Kate Chapman
295 Fisk Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
724-992-0666 | chapmank258@gmail.com

March 1, 2016

Ms. Van Dyke,

Combining my web savvy, analytical mindset and passion for using data to drive results, the Marketing Analytic Coordinator position would be a great fit for me. My solid experience in web content, with proven success in driving site traffic and increasing conversion, would make me an asset to the team at DVMelite.

During my time in eCommerce at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I have managed the content for of our leading Athletic Apparel private brands, affording me many opportunities to develop both internal processes and customer-facing product improvements. Most recently, I used market analysis and web analytics to execute a test in a category of business, leading to the development an entirely new, successful on-model photography process. The implementation of this process involved partnership with several departments, and required me to secure support and funding from senior leadership. The result has been an optimized customer experience, as well as increased revenue and engagement with our private brands on the website.

I routinely create and analyze sales reports and to identify top-selling items and categories, gaining insight into trends—what’s driving them, how to chase and optimize growth. But what I find most energizing is locating opportunities where we may not be meeting customer demand, and where the site’s functionality and content is not providing the best customer experience. By comparing online to brick and mortar store sales, I am able to partner with our merchandising teams to find categories where we can be offering more of the right product to the online customer. By comparing search and survey data with site navigation paths, I am able to find points of friction and demand for improvement in the shopping experience. By conducting tests with the type of content presented to the customer, I am able to improve customer engagement with products.

The Marketing Analytic Coordinator position allows me to apply skills gained from my past experience, and to grow professionally. I am excited to learn more about the opportunities to optimize digital marketing with DVMelite’s clients. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this position further.


Kate Chapman

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