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Dudley Court Press

Hello Gail,

I was excited to find your job posting for a Virtual Assistant! From what you’ve provided in your summary, I can put checkmarks next to all the skills, experience and tech-savvy you are looking for, but am also eager to learn more about the specifics. My resume should help paint a picture about who I am and what I do.

Quickly: I have been running my own graphic design business for the past 12 years but am looking to wind that down and shift into a related field. Publishing is of particular interest and enjoyment to me (as is administrative work and helping other people succeed!).

I also have a small (tiny) publishing imprint. To date, I have only published one book (co-written by two locally-established authors I know) and then less than a year later, I unpublished it. That is a long story and best told over a cup of coffee! I’ve since switched directions and plan to use the imprint for my own projects: children’s books, coloring books and how-to guides, although those might be a ways off. For now, I’m keen for a new challenge, something where I can do meaningful work, and in an industry I’m excited about.

Hope to speak to you soon! Thank you for your time.

– Kristin

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Dudley Court Press

Dear Ms. Woodard,

The joy I felt when I saw your listing today…I felt like I finally found my people! As a self-professed ‘book nerd’, the thought of working in publishing makes me almost giddy. I was an english literature major in college, got to read and write my way through my whole four years and graduated with honors. I’m sure I have what you’re looking for and would love to talk about the position.

I have been a Virtual Executive Assistant for the last two years, supporting the Global Head of Sales for an international technology company. Unfortunately, he parted ways with the company, so it was time for me to do so as well. I have done it all for him – email management, travel bookings, reports, calendar management, expenses and much more. Prior to that, I was a manager for an Internet Marketing company primarily responsible for content management, copywriting and editing, and social media. My resume provides in depth detail regarding my work history and skill sets.

I have extensive experience working in a virtual setting. I have worked across multiple time zones and cultures. I have a dedicated home office and a complete mobile set up with redundancies in place.

I hope you don’t mind but I took a few minutes to read a little about Dudley Court Press. I have been a book lover my entire life (I still prefer turning pages over reading on a tablet, but am starting to get more open-minded) and would love to be part of an organization where I can learn the process of bringing a book to the shelves from conception to completion.

I am a wife and mother of two. I love the flexibility that virtual work allows me so that I can still focus on my family and be a part of my children’s daily lives, but at the same time affords me the ability to do something for myself. I like working and contributing to something that’s bigger than myself.

Every book is like a new beginning, filled with the promise of a new day. Corny maybe, but so true. Crack open that cover and get a fresh start. I’m looking forward to a fresh start of my own.

I hope to hear from you soon.

With warm regards,

Brandi Keryc
(516) 225-1864

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Dudley Court Press

I am writing in response to the open position on HireMyMom.com. I am particularly attracted to your company because it involves working with a smaller company and on multiple projects. You will see more detail from the attached resume, but highlights of my qualifications for your position include— â–  B.B.A. – General Business with a Minor in Marketing, completed in May 2011; â–  Problem solving and optimizing budget finances to meet specific goals â–  Extremely proficient in all Microsoft programs â–  Training of associates at subordinate, peer and executive level; Please consider me for your open positions. I am currently looking for a part time job that I can do around my full time job where I have been since 1999 and this job description sounds like it would be a perfect fit! It would be a pleasure to work with you. You may reach me at 281-258-3834 or via email at lpardo@yahoo.com. Sincerely, Linda Pardo

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