Dr. Randy Kamen Cover Letter

Dear Dr Kamen,

As you will see in my resume, I had to embrace several carriers during my professional life, first because I wanted to have more flexibility to raise our 4 children and then when we moved from France to the US thanks to my husband job.

I’ve been an IT project manager, an ecommerce boutique owner, an independent sale consultant as well as an after-school french teacher. I’ve gained throughout the years technical, customer service, sales as well as marketing skills.

Working in a corporate environment as well as for myself since 2002 have helped me develop a strong capability to adapt, have taught me how to lean new skills pretty quickly. They gave me the ability to learn how to multi-task, prioritize as well as think outside the box to get things done. I have no problem working under pressure as well as do what it takes to meet deadlines.

It would be a pleasure to discuss the position and my qualifications with you in more details.

Leila Audibert

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