Dr. Molly Casey Cover Letter

Dear Dr. Casey,

I’m writing in response to your search for a virtual assistant. With over 10 years experience as a corporate trainer and operations manager, I believe I have the skills, expertise and attitude you’re looking for in an employee.

As an operations manager, I managed a corporate project of over 40 people including managerial, support and administration staff. Scheduling, performance standards, HR, and training was all under my purview. My cheerful, calm personality as well as flawless organizational skills became a trademark of my position.

During my time since MAXIMUS, I have developed some basic web development skills including WordPress, HTML, and CSS. I also possess advanced Microsoft Office, Google Docs, GIMP, and Visio skills.

I thrive working backstage where I can organize, streamline, and just generally “make life easier”. I am a problem solver by nature, and have a genuine love for checklists. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity!

Thank you,
Alexis Perkins

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