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Dawn Today – Hire My Mom

Dawn Today

Dear Dawn:

I am writing in response to your posting on HiremyMom.com for an Administrative Virtual Assistant/Personal Assistant. I am very pleased to share my credentials and resume with you. Reading about your mission and desire to empower women to recognize their worth and abilities is inspiring, and something that interests me very much. As well as you are a fellow Minnesotan!

As my resume will show, I have more than twenty years’ experience working in both professional and from home settings. I am a certified Life Coach and am currently utilizing those skills in my job as as a Home Visitor/Family Support Specialist. I also write a travel/everyday life blog and am a photographer. I am very keen on organization, and have excellent time management skills. I take direction, but also am not afraid to make suggestions; especially if I believe something can be streamlined for more efficiency. I consider myself to be positive, a team player, obsessed with personal development, and am a two year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor

I am skilled in many different programs, including but not limited to:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
Photoshop – entry level

Does this sound like the person you need? If it does, I am very eager to speak with you. I’ve attached my resume to this posting for your review. I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.


Myra J. Horner

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Dawn Today

Hi Dawn,

I love the vision that you have for your company. You can help so many women who are struggling with self-doubt. The clothes we wear definitely have an affect on the way we live our lives. I’d love to help you spread your message to give women the tools they need to be more confident.

I know organizing many projects seems daunting, and putting them into list form, is far too visually overwhelming to keep them neatly organized and accessible.

That’s why I use mindmaps to organize all my client’s projects.
There’s a free software called Wisemupping that is priceless.
That way all the big and small tasks and notes are spread out in one place.

Working systems are at the core of all success. I have 32 years experience in running offices so I am proud to say that I can tick
off all your boxes. In addition, my unique combination of skills in writing, coaching, technology, interviewing, blogging and my work with Dress for Success could be just the right blend of spice you need.
My passion is anything to do with communicating ideas and giving women the tools to love and respect themselves more.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at my resume and see if my skills are a fit for you. If so, I’d love to chat more about this position with you. Looking forward to next steps.

Warmest regards,


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