Davina Faust Administrative / Customer Service Cover Letter

To the Hiring Team:
My name is Davina Faust, and I am very interested in the position you have posted. I have a very strong administrative/customer service background, so I was inspired to submit myself for the available role.
I have worked in administrative positions for approximately three years. In my collective positions, I have obtained strong communication skills (including writing and typing – my GWM is
103.4), experience with Microsoft and Mac softwares, and self-starting on projects. I am also well-versed in a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Twitter, HootSuite, Asana, and Google+. I am comfortable interacting with all levels of a corporation, most notably while working at NBC; from the Vice President of Retail Operations to a family visiting New York City for the first time. In my customer service background, I have learned the positive impact of delighting a customer or guest, engaging in their interests, and bringing the interaction to a close.

A consistent work ethic is essential to my well-being. For my entire work history, varying from dishwashing to production management, I have considered myself a professional and a team player. I strive for perfect attendance with no latenesses. I set personal goals for myself, often unbeknownst to my management team. I go into every work day with my best attitude and best efforts. I have a great sense of humor, with an understanding of when such is appropriate. I will learn my expected tasks, as efficiently as possible. I will take constructive criticisms seriously, and work diligently toward improvement. To put it simply: I will never disappoint!

To further acquaint you with the specifics of my background, I am enclosing my resume.

Additionally, here is my LinkedIn profile:

Thank you for investing time in considering my potential within this position. I would be grateful for an interview to further discuss my previous experience or any inquiries that you may have.


Davina Faust

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