Data & Reporting Specialist

Hi! I’m Essence, and I am interested in the position of Marketing Analytic Coordinator.

This role sounds right up my alley. In my last role, I was an Operations Coordinator for the Brand Performance Support department of a major hospitality company. My role required me to act as part administrative guru and part data storyteller supporting a department of over 40 ambitious managers, directors, and hotel support professionals.

My job in one line could be described as – creating and managing processes, systems, and reports that illustrated to our leadership team the impact our efforts had on the growth of the brand. My reports answered questions like “How effective have our webinars been in driving hotels to improve the guest experience?” and “What are some of our main call-drivers and how can we be proactive in clarifying grey areas?”

Here’s how some of my past experience relates to this position:

• Contribute to and have a thorough understanding of the company’s goals and metrics (revenue, cost, profit and margin) through management and optimization of campaigns.
– I segmented data to create distribution lists for our targeted communications– for example, identifying hotels with low guest satisfaction scores for communications promoting guest satisfaction webinars.

• A love of numbers
– I studied (and tutored) math in college.

• Passion for managing projects and setting up campaigns and determining ROIs
– I oversaw the data analysis of the effectiveness of our external communications, daily learning webinars, and consultations. The performance of these efforts determined how much our department invested in the resources required to keep these processes running. This required me to identify the hotels that used these resources, and analyze changes in their performance (Occupancy, Guest Satisfaction, Loyalty, etc…)

Some examples of the reports/dashboards I created can be found here — I am really excited about this position and look forward to chatting more about the past, present, and future!

Thanks for your time!

Essence Harris

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