Customer Service/Sales Support

Hi Gwen,

I am so excited I came across the opportunity you posted for a Customer Service VA! I would love to learn more about the position and also to share how I can help you achieve these tasks. I first want to say, that I looked at your website, and I have honestly never come across a business quite like yours. Not to say they do not exist, but I was in awe of what you do! I LOVE the ideas behind your business!

Based on what you have posted, you are looking for someone that takes care of administrative tasks and customer service. These are my two favorite things (career speaking). I love to do that backend administrative work that helps a business run smoothly. I actually enjoy entering in new clients and all the detailed information.

As for customer service, that is what my background is in. I have many years of customer support with technology. Interacting with the clients on a friendly basis and on a level that they can understand is so pertinent to gaining rapport with each individual, and something I strive to do with all people I am trying to assist. I work well both over the phone and through email contact. I am also well versed in Microsoft Office products and have done some desktop sharing and online meetings as well.

Additional skills that would benefit you are that I am an excellent communicator, very organized, detail oriented, and reliable. I am very personable and enjoy a good challenge. I am a problem solver at heart, so I tend to be very well at resolving issues for people.

I have the availability for the 3-5 hours a day that you need but also room to grow with you. I also welcome the opportunity of this turning into a long-term role, should we find that we connect well together. I am flexible with my schedule, working some daytime hours as well as some evening hours. My current rate is $20 per hour.

I want to be highly effective for you! I would love the opportunity to have a call and discuss with you in more detail my experience and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,

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