Customer Service Support – Nourished Essentials

Dear Mr. Berman:
Hi. Thanks for considering my application for the position of customer service support with Nourished Essentials. Since taking early retirement from my prior company (where I served 21 years as a technical editor/writer), I’ve been working part-time and freelance jobs. I’d love to get some long-term jobs and would be happy to discuss an expanded role such as social media items and blogging, in addition to email support, as mentioned in your job announcement.

I am attaching my resume, although it’s focused on my prior editing experience. I am comfortable responding to customers via email and although I don’t currently know much about fermentation, I’m more than willing to learn (and I’m an excellent researcher!).

I look forward to talking with you regarding the customer service support position. I’m available to begin work immediately. Thanks.

Vicky Potter

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