Customer Service Specialist, Virtual Assistant with Artist’s Eye

Hello Dr McCreery,

My name is Astrid, and I am a single mom of 2, who has extensive customer service experience, small business experience (wearing ALL the hats), as well as experience as a visual artist. I am also an athlete and a natural health nut.

I have very high standards in all of my work, and I LOVE to make beautiful things. I am addicted to making things happen and also to professional and personal growth.

I have some experience using Canva and other banner-creating apps, as well as WordPress. I have several years experience creating newsletters in Constant Contact, and social posts, as well as Facebook ads. I recently participated in a live demo on Infusionsoft, and it seems like something that I will be able to pick up easily.

I hope to learn more about you and your business. I truly admire the work you are doing, and I look forward to taking things off your plate.

Best wishes,


ps: I will be away from August 5th-9th, and will respond to any communications immediately upon my return.

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