Customer Experience Communication Specialist

March 14th, 2016

Human Resources

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application and resume for the Customer Experience Communication Specialist position posted on

As you will see, I have performed a variety of duties that align with the requisites of the above-mentioned position. This posting is an exact match of what I have been looking for as my next professional step, as it will make use of my customer service experience, administrative experience and my desire of helping others. I know you will find that my varied skills and qualifications will make me an ideal asset to the GraduationSource team.

Having had the opportunity to work in various states and countries, as well as in a few different industries, has enabled me to become well rounded and able to work well with different personalities and successfully fulfill my duties on each job. I am convinced that I have made a positive impact in each place I have worked or volunteered at.

I am confident that my past experiences in the corporate world as well as the food service industry, combined with a strong work ethic and desire to serve would allow me to be a great resource to GraduationSource.


Claudia Morales

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