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I am an artist and creative professional seeking part-time remote work in design, marketing, copywriting, audio/video editing, or social media.

I’ve been working in internet- and design-related positions since 1999, with proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, and hand-drawn illustration (particularly watercolor). I am a published writer and speaker on the subjects of brand development and brand integrity. I excel at graphic design, web design, product design, photo-editing, photo retouching, copywriting, copyediting, art direction, project management, and much more. Additionally, I’m a musician with music/video editing skills, composition/scoring/production experience, and voiceover acting experience.

I started out my career as a Web Producer at (People magazine). I then moved on to work in Product Design and Store Design at Estee Lauder. Later, I worked in the nonprofit world, where I handled design, photo-editing, copywriting, grant-writing, and much more at a small 501(c)3. I then moved on to freelance project work, which I intersperse with my artistic endeavors.

I can provide samples of my design work, as well as work samples for copywriting, marketing, and social media projects.

My most recent freelance rates range from $30-40 per hour, and I can provide excellent references upon request.

I appreciate your time spent reviewing my qualifications, and I hope I can be of service!

Brandi Hart

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