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To Ms. Courtney Clarke;
I am interested in applying for the position of Virtual Assistant in your company, Courtney Clark and Associates. After examining the details of the position, I feel the requirements closely parallel my skills as an administrative professional.
I am currently a stay-at-home mom with a seasonal staffing company that I co-own and manage in my little office at home. Our clientele consist of people in need of bartenders, wait staff and event coordinators. My duties include handling inquiries and giving client pricing of our services. When a client decides to move forward with booking our staff, I create a contract in which a client normally signs upon booking and providing a 50% deposit to secure our service. About one week before their event, I contact the client through email to remind them to pay for the final deposit with an invoice attached that lists the service we are providing and final balance. I also manage along with my partner, scheduling staff for the events by contacted them about one to two weeks before the event. After an event ends, I call to follow up and try to get feedbacks from the client to utilize in improving our service if needed. In addition, we also have a website, Facebook page, and twitter account that I co-manage.
The business is seasonal and pay is a little bit on the volatile side. So I am looking for extra income for my family that will hopefully help out more with expenses and savings. I do have the flexibility as far as time and effort you will need for a Virtual Assistant. I am very organized and still holds a paper planner in this day and age! But I do have my phone as my back up planner.
In addition, I also have experience as a Sales Assistant/Analyst prior to being a stay-at-home mom and have worked with Directors at Starwood Hotels and Resorts in taking care of guests’ reservations and handling booking hotel rooms and meeting room inquiries in-person and over the phone. Finally, I was also an Office Manager for a software developer company in which I managed day-to-day operations such as booking meeting rooms, ordering office supplies, handling HR paperwork for employees as our HR corporate office is located in Atlanta.
Furthermore, I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Timesaver software, CRM software, familiar with Quickbooks and a fast learner that can easily learn company specific property management systems.
I have attached my resume that contain details of my work experience. My contact information to reach me is 832-970-0450 or you may reach me via email at

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Wishes,
Maricar Dumag Tran

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