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To Ms. Belinda Bombei;
I am interested in applying for the position of Virtual Assistant. After examining the details of the position, I feel the requirements closely parallel my skills and will be a rewarding experience.
I am currently a stay at home mom and also working as (Part-Time) Event Coordinator and Rental Consultant. Prior to that, the main highlight of my career was working for a hotel chain called Starwood Hotels and Resorts with multiple role. One of the role was an Administrative/Sales Assistant. I worked with Microsoft office and currently using it as well to help me in proofreading contracts and documents for clients.

I believe I am a good fit for the position due to the following reasons:

• I am smart and dependable
• I am very organized and detail-oriented
• I am self-motivated and very proactive
• I am proficient with Microsoft Office and Quickbooks
• I worked in the administration side of Sales and Marketing at hotels so I am familiar
with building client rapports.

I have attached my resume that contain details of my work experience. My direct line to reach me is 832-970-0450 or you may contact me via email at

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Wishes,
Maricar D. Tran

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