Cover Letter – Xtropy – Patty Minor

July 17, 2018

Mr. Jim Hammerel
Xtropy Web Marketing, LLC

Dear Mr. Hammerel:

Thank you for this opportunity to submit my resume for the Manager position that was posted on

I am very interested in the Manager position with Xtropy. I have been a consultant to start-ups and small businesses looking to scale their businesses and develop marketing strategies. I have quickly demonstrated value to my clients and many have offered full-time positions to me only after a couple of months of work.

I know that my resume demonstrates positions much higher than a manager role. I am currently interested in working from home and would be willing to start in any position with the opportunity to grow into larger management responsibilities.

1. Project Management for Clients and Follow-up Communication

I am very familiar with Asana and have used this program with a number of teams. I have also trained others to get up to speed quickly on Asana. I have taken a number of project management courses, as well as trained others in how to manage projects, priorities, and deadlines. I have also coached others on how to get up to speed quickly using Asana (as well as Basecamp, Trello, Zoho Projects, and SmartSheets).

I know that it’s important to quickly establish rapport with clients and learn their businesses. I have a professional presence and am skilled at asking clarifying questions about their needs and success criteria. I am great at establishing a personable relationship with others.

Most importantly, I am someone who can follow-up on next steps to move projects forward. This would include any AdWords account management schedules, as well as setting clear expectation of tasks for both the client and Xtropy. I always follow up with a meeting summary clearly identify “who, what and when” for next steps.

2. Recommending, Planning, and Implementing New Systems to Scale Xtropy

I am a quick study on new software and systems. For example, although I have not used Harvest in the past, I have created an account today and am learning that system now.

I have also created new proposal and contract formats with clients and would be able to do this easily. I have used templates in the past and I believe that we can do that in the future or identify another system quickly that would work well for you.

For org charts, I have used SmartDraw to plot position and talent gaps in an organization. I have hired many people for clients, as well as the companies where I served in a senior management position.

For longer term, I would be able to research, outline pros and cons, and recommend various systems such as CRM, HR including Payroll (if necessary), email, and many others.

3. Identifying Talent/Skill Gaps and Building the Organization with Staffing

I know that you mentioned growing your organization with talent and filling the gaps with staffing. I have experience hiring all types of talent including temporary, part-time, full-time, and contract team members.

I know that this is not something that you may want someone to do immediately in this position but I can create a team atmosphere and lead teams so that you can concentrate more fully on growing the business.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications and how I could add value quickly to you and your company. I am available via phone or Zoom if that works for you.


Patty Minor
(479) 935-0267

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