Cover Letter – Wildhearted Retreats

Dear Ashlie,

Please accept my resume in response to your position posting.

I’m a work-at-home mom who left the corporate world a year ago to pursue the interesting work and better balance that freelancing brings! While freelancing has been fun, I’m always on the lookout for something that is interesting and has semi-steady hours/workload. I’m also open to growing with the right position, but am content with part-time work as well.

I have a strong background in marketing and communications, including some positions where I was the only marketer, which means I can wear a lot of hats and manage the administrative end.

A few skills in which you may be particularly interested:

– Strong communications and marketing background
– Highly creative thinker
– Extensive social media experience — I have managed the accounts of numerous B2B and B2C accounts
– Great eye for design, with Canva as my graphic design tool of choice
– Well-versed in MailChimp — I have used numerous email marketing platforms, but I use MailChimp for my personal blog

Thanks for your consideration!
Merrisa Milliner

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