Cover Letter – Majo Mansour

Alisa Massey
13701 Ridge Dr., Lahoma, Oklahoma 73754,

December 13, 2016

Majo Mansour,

My experiences and commitment as a dedicated writer in various fields make me an ideal candidate for this position. I am well rounded and can tailor my writing to meet your needs. I have written as a Features Writer and Staff Reporter in college, as well as writing Master’s level academic papers. I am a frequent blogger and have written 2 books, establishing myself as a Christian author with a developed platform. In previous years, I have served the community and held various roles in the government as well as customer service work. Since my children were young I have worked through my education on-campus as well as off-campus with honors. Now that I have completed my masters I feel it is time to start back to work, although I prefer online so I can continue to serve both family and career. Although I have stayed at home with my children for several years, I have done so while completing three different degrees which speak numbers about my work ethic.

I feel I have exerted much hard work and dedication as a mother, student, writer, and member of society which contribute to my strong work ethic and character. I have strong academic training in communications, writing, business, management, and Theology. In addition, I have overcome many obstacles along the way that add to my credibility and success. I am attentive to detail and enjoy learning new things. I am continually learning and strive to be the best in everything. I would love to work with you on future endeavors!

Thank you for your time and consideration. Should you have any questions you may reach me using the contact information listed above.

Driven by faith, service, and strong work ethic,

Alisa Massey

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