Cover letter_Lori Peterson

Dear Rachel Feldman,

I saw your job posting and thought that I could be the perfect fit for you. I saw that you are looking for someone with interest or experience in the health field? Well that person is me. I was an RN for 19 years, and worked in a variety of settings. I know healthcare and personal wellness better than most, as it is also a hobby of mine.

As far as writing, I do not have the jobs listed in the resume that I sent you, but I am currently pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism, and I am currently doing an editing job for an ebook release. I have also done product description writing, book and product reviews.

I am really excited to speak to you about this job, as it seems like we were meant to work together. I am very independent, flexible, hard-working, and keep going until the job is done. I also love to learn.

Thank you for your time,

Lori Peterson

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