Cover Letter for WWC Position

Warrington Women’s Counseling Center
92 Main Street, Suite 202
Old Town Warrenton, Virginia


Re: Writer/Editor Assignment assisting the Warrington Women’s Counseling Center

To whom it may concern:

My name is Heather L. Anisi. I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom, home school teacher and missionary for the past 2 and half years in Abagana, Nigeria. We moved from California to Nigeria in 2015 with the purpose of starting a church as self-supporting missionaries. While living in Nigeria I was exposed to the most extreme poverty and hunger, abuse and neglect of children and of women. I was exposed to extreme cultural differences on how children are raised, marriage and roles of men and women, discipline of women and children, religion, communication styles, and other cultural expectations and demands. This experience was life changing and has helped me to become a better mother and woman; the desire to protect my 3 daughters drove me to move back to the United States of America.

After living in Nigeria and observing the neglect, hatred, abuse, and enslavement of women my passion for women’s issues ignited and the desire to help women specially. Furthermore, I was completely heartbroken, overwhelmed and powerless to combat a strong culture and men who may never be willing to treat women will equal respect, love, and honor.

I graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2004 with a degree in Human Services. I have a strong background in English Language Arts and in writing specifically and editing as well. I have been interested in writing professionally and creatively for the past 15 years at least and have not been able to pursue this field due to 3 small children.

In conclusion, my intention is to use my abilities, knowledge and faith to help women of all ages and children if possible to live more fulfill and rewarding life. It would be a blessing to work for Warrington Women’s Counseling Center either in assisting writing or editing articles. In the future, I desire to get further education either in writing and editing, or in education. I am planning on writing books in the future once I receive needed training and experience to prepare me for this project.

Thank you for considering me for this position and a great opportunity.


Heather L. Anisi

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