Cover letter for VA for Blogger

Dear Amanda,

Nice to meet you! 🙂

I was looking to your blog and I was very very impressed! Impressed by how much you worked on it, about your results and impressed by… how young you are! 🙂

Believe it or not, I felt an immediate connection and fit with you and the purpose of your blog.

A bit about me now: Due to external circumstances (I join my husband abroad, where he has an working contract) I am a stay-at-home wife. I have 22 years work experience in all kinds of positions and fields and I am very very skilled in office and Internet-based tasks. This translates into tech savvy, as well as having very good communication and organizational skills.

I am a certified trainer for the development of the entrepreneurial skills of adults, a (traditional) business consultant and a self-taught WordPress (blogs and websites) and online marketing in general (squeeze pages, free gifts, pop-ups, funnels, traditional + video sales letters, surveys, digital products, online courses, membership sites, videos, Facebook pages and ads, autoresponders, traffic, photo editing, etc.).

I looked at your requirements for this position and I fit almost all. The only things I am not experienced (yet!) are Hootsuite and Convertkit.

However, I am not afraid of anything, since I am very good at figuring out how to use any website or software or app I am focusing my mind to. In fact, I live by these motto: “Everything is figureoutable” and “When you don’t have resources, you have to be resourceful”.

I am a proactive, reliable and life-long learner type of person, very organized, as well as details- and results-oriented.

Except the holidays, I am in front of the computer every day, so you can easily communicate with me anytime you need to.

I would be very happy if you consider my application and we can start immediately. Internet marketing is my hobby and my passion and I can do it all day and all night, without getting tired or bored of it ;-).

Thank you in advance for this opportunity!
Daniela Kevenaar

P.S. No matter what your answer will be, once again, congratulation for your blog and for your thriving business! 🙂

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