Cover Letter for Tim Evans

Rebecca Mulligan
5748 Plymouth Street, Downers Grove, IL 60516
Tim Evans
Evans IG, LLC
Dear Mr. Evans,
I am applying for the position of virtual assistant for your family’s real estate company. I have grown up around commercial and residential real estate my whole life and look forward to helping your company grow.
As a self-motivated individual, I would love the ability to help you reach new customers and share your company with the community. Through weekly blogs and social media postings, I would like the opportunity to grow your customer base and visibility of your company. My duties with my previous clients have included:
– Posting to LI, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Medium
– LI Management and Netlinking:
• Connecting companies/individuals with people / groups helpful to their business
• Manage LI Messages by checking LI and responding to messages that need attention per the client’s instructions.
– Website – Post information to company’s website or add updates.
– Social Media management
– Podcasts/ Magazine Opportunity Research
– Metrics Reporting for analysis
– Various types of research

Virtual Assistant:

– Manage calendar, email, and schedules.
• Set up appointments
• Answer emails
• Schedule calendar
Given the opportunity, I know that I could be a valuable member of your team and help you obtain the growth for your company in the future.
I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company.
Rebecca Mulligan

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