Cover letter for Ricki Heller

December 22, 2016

To Ricki,

I am a self-starter with years of professional experience in different industries. I found your job listing through and the description fits my qualifications well. I am confident that my skills will benefit your blog!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and many years of experience in graphic and web design. Through the companies I’ve worked for, I have done everything from content writing, editing, advertising, client support, content design and more. I also run my own WordPress website and have managed past clients’ accounts.

As an independent contractor who works remotely, I am disciplined to be organized and diligent with deadlines. You will not only find me to be a productive assistant but a passionate one. I love everything about blogging, marketing, and SEO!

I’d love to chat with you for an interview. My number is 818-319-5194.

Thank you for your time!
Franzine Mackley

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