Cover Letter For Excited Applicant- Incorporations.IO

Plano, Texas
SEO strategist, Amazing researcher and writer
California City, California

Dear Bryan:
Writing online is a little like going to a party where you don’t know anyone. You wonder how to stand out from the crowd. You can either choose to stand out and meet people or stand alone in a corner all evening going unnoticed. My mission is to write to stand out. Before I even start writing, my goal is enrich some aspect of the reader’s life by the time they have reached the end of the article.

My name is Kelly Colby. My passion is changing lives one article at a time. I figure even if I fail to do that, at the very least, I’ve probably taught them something they didn’t know. I am a veteran blogger and freelance writer with a love of travel and personal freedom. ***I’m super creative and can see the unseen between the lines. I have a house in Central America so I know a thing or two about international living. I have written for many niches across the interwebs. I love research (am dang good at it) and distilling the information down so the reader can walk away with applicable information. This helps increase reader loyalty and keeps them coming back to a company for more.

I was voted as a top health influencer in 2010. I also love internet marketing. *** I’ve taken many, many Internet Marketing courses over the past 6 years and continue to evolve my knowledge. I’m the dudette for keyword research too. A couple of years ago, I ran into James Altucher and he taught me to pursue what I love. I love writing and researching so freelancing is a focus of mine. I currently retain part ownership of a stem cell and genetic business. This takes 2 hours of my day and the rest is left up to pursing my writing. I generally at my desk working by 6 am and close out for the night around 7 pm.

Thank you for considering me for this writing position. ***I’d love, love, love to work with you because I am a huge (as in big fan not big in girth) supporter of freedom and enjoying life. I’m an entrepreneur, not quite a full-on expat but live that life a few months out of the year. I’d love to help your company grow even more. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

Kelly Colby

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