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Dear Sophia Royle,
I would like to apply for your open position of Course Designer/Manager. I am a U.S Air Force military spouse and mother that moves frequently in support of my husband’s career. Before I was a military spouse, I worked for over 10 years creating and designing courses, managing teams, and working in a business environment with business owners and entrepreneurs. When my daughter was first born, I studied to become a certified Professional in Talent Development. This certification solidifies my expertise in Instructional Design, Training Delivery, and evaluating training programs.

I develop people to be successful in business and in life- that is my personal motto. I have known for many years that creating learning programs to help others is my calling in life. When people first meet me, they always mention my level of professionalism, tact, and my ability to bring out the best in people. I am a natural leader and have a track record of developing success in others.

I am interested in working for Content Sparks because of your reputation of creating relatable content that can be personalized to clients. I know that I will add value to this position because of my work ethic, experience in understanding adult learning principles, and my ability to create content that a business owner or entrepreneur will want to utilize for their business.

Here are my answers to your questions:

1. What kind of experience do you have managing other people and working to deadlines?

I have managed teams between 8-35 employees throughout my career. Many of those employees were working remotely and not in my location. I always work to build open communication with my team to make sure they understand work expectations, can meet deadlines, and have the tools they need to deliver a high quality of work.

2. What business topics are most important for small business and entrepreneurs to know today, if they want to grow?

In today’s world, small businesses and entrepreneurs must understand social media marketing, networking, professionalism, and communication skills. They must also understand how to deal with different types of customers – such as the Baby Boomer vs the Millennial. I believe the rise of technology has caused some people to lack basic communication skills that are important for business owners in order to connect with clients in-person and virtually.

3. What’s a good example of a learning objective for a course on creating a list-building funnel?

Learning Objective examples:
• How to send marketing messages that will engage your customers
• Identifying the right marketing strategy for your business
• Is ClickFunnels right for you?
• How to create landing pages that convert

4. What is your idea of a good training program (course) for small business owners and entrepreneurs?

My idea of a good training program should include:
• Relevant content for the client
• Practical examples to help increase learning
• Engaging graphics, images, and videos that can be viewed

For example, if I were creating a Social Media Marketing course, I would focus on the importance of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for marketing and why someone would use one method over another. I would provide several examples of ways to market and engage clients based upon the type of business. Videos and images are important to show clients how to walk through each step. This would ensure all learning styles would be covered.

5. When you hear the phrase ‘detail-oriented’, what does that mean to you?

Detail- oriented means dedicating time and attention to ensuring high-quality work. My work represents me and my own standards. Being detail-oriented is very important to me. My clients should receive and expect quality work and I vow to offer nothing less.

I am confident that I have what it takes to be your next Course Designer/Manager. I hope to receive a Skype interview to discuss this opportunity further with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrea Corpening

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