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My name is Tara Alexandra and I have 16 years of experience, in a virtual capacity, serving clients around the world, across many industries, as an online business manager.

My LinkedIn profile includes additional work, certification and other details beyond that included in the attached resume. I sent you a LinkedIn invite or you can connect with me at

I think my background and expertise would be a perfect fit for this position:

>> I’m a take-charge type of woman and excel at roles and responsibilities that require planning, organization, and getting things done. I was the operations manager for nearly 9 years of a 7-figure consultancy and have longevity at other clients that speak to my dedication and loyalty.

>> I’m experienced in handling a variety of tasks. I’m a self-starter, detail-oriented, and can easily assess a new situation and ask the right questions to get what I need to complete projects. I use project management software to keep myself on track and focused.

>> I have strong communication skills, both written and verbal. I keep in regular contact with my clients to ensure they know the status of tasks and projects. I’m always one step ahead so that I can make their lives easier.

>> I have outstanding personal and professional references as well as testimonials from coaching, consulting, business service clients, as well as guests who have appeared on my weekly TV talk show.

I have over a hundred testimonials on LinkedIn and here is a sample of some of them:

I know I would be a great asset to your company as well as its future growth. My resume is attached. Let’s chat and get to know each other further. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tara Alexandra

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