Cover letter 12-8-17

Hiring Manager,

I saw an ad on about a position you are looking to fill. I would be the perfect fit for this. I am looking a part time job currently and hopefully if everything worked out with us I would like to work more hours than 5/week. I am a military spouse so I am planning on doing work-from-home type work for a while. My husband has about 9 years until he can retire from the military. Work from home jobs really work best with all the moving we do.

I have a ton of experience that can be applied to this position. I am also well educated and English is my native language. I have worked many professional and customer service jobs so I am very friendly and professional. I graduated college in 2005 and started my professional career then. I have a B.S. degree and a certification to be a medical assistant. I love helping people and working with people. I eventually want to be a nurse but that is about 10 years down the road.

I do want to touch a little bit on my past professional experience. I am currently doing small part time Virtual Assistant jobs. I am very eager to find a more permanent job to utilize my skills. I have 5 years of experience working in research and 2 years working as a vet tech. My virtual assistant skills have just been building since the beginning as I am very interested in computers and learning new stuff about them. I have 2 websites I created and manage. I also have 2 facebook pages as well. I am very familiar with shopify, wordpress and photoshop as you mentioned in your ad you needed. While working in research I did a lot of data management, graphs and charts. I have displayed good organizational skills, excellent multi-tasking skills and outstanding interpersonal skills working as a veterinarian technician. I worked in several positions doing research which all demanded much organizational skills with prompt and timely deadlines. A position I had was a Research Specialist/Laboratory Manager. I had so many various jobs I did that I can take my skills. For example, I was the lab manager as well as conducting behavioral experiments, gathering data and meeting deadlines. A few other tasks I did were writing protocols, managing all animal aspects of the lab and managing all records, running HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and supervising undergraduate students. I coordinated all undergraduate students work schedules and trained them all. I was also the main point of contact person for the lab and responsible for several elements of the lab. I took on a huge amount of responsibility and I am always up for a challenge and learning anything new. I believe my experience would help me excel at this position. I am well educated and a fast learner at anything new. Please, may I ask that you give my qualifications serious consideration for this job?

I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you, discuss the position and my candidacy with you. I can show you my high quality interpersonal skills. My skills of multi-tasking, organization and competency will show you I am the right person for this position. I have attached my resume and references. Please contact me for anything else.


Kelli Parsons

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