Cover Letter 08/21/2017


My name is Laranda Andreoli, but I go by Randi. I am a Liberty University student and four semesters away from completing my Bachelor degree in Human Resources; I graduated last year with an Associate in Paralegal Studies. I am looking for employment that offers the ability to work from my residence as I am a full time student.

As you will find on my resume, from 2007 to 2015, I worked part time at Cybernetics working in their marketing division; primarily cold calling our business customers, updating their contact information in the company’s database, and seeing if they wished to be contacted by a sales person. I resigned from that company after my husband received orders from the military for us to move out of state. We have since returned to our hometown of Yorktown, Virginia and with the high cost of childcare making conventional employment impractical I have decided to seek employment that allows me to telecommute.

I am very personable and possess excellent communication skills. I believe in the importance of being professional in today’s business environment. I am in the final stages of completing my bachelor degree in Human Resources and look forward to putting what I have learned in the classroom into practical use in the business world.

My home has a dedicated home office that will allow me to work uninterrupted and away from any potential distractions from activity in the rest of the house. With my husband’s excellent benefits back from both his civilian employer and the military, I do not need or am seeking certain benefits, such as health and dental insurances. I look forward to hearing from you.

Randi Andreoli

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