Copywriter – Royal Boutique, Inc.

Dear Valeria:
Hi. I’m extremely interested in your available position for a copywriter for manual and email writing for Royal Boutique, Inc. I’ve been working as a writer/editor for the past 30+ years. After taking early retirement from my prior company (where I was a technical editor/writer), in the past couple of years, I’ve been freelancing book editing and starting an online website. However, because I’m too young to be able to really retire, I need to be employed and would much rather have a virtual position.
My resume focuses mostly on my past work as a technical editor/writer. I’ve also, in the past, written freelance articles, and edited and published (online) a basic horse training book that I created from taping interviews with a trainer and then transcribing them and editing them into an easy-to-follow book. I also recently wrote a short book on a process for successful adoption of rescued dogs (but haven’t published it as yet).
I look forward to talking with you regarding the copywriter position. I’m available to begin work immediately. Thanks.
Vicky Potter

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