Cook Cover letter

Hello Jessica,

With the utmost enthusiasm, I would like to express my interest in the Virtual Assistant position with your consulting firm. I am a military spouse and recently became a stay at home mother. I am looking for a challenge, but does not require me to be in an office for 40 hours. I am going to be upfront, I have minimal knowledge of marketing and no experience with either Infusionsoft or chatbot marketing. What I do possess is a thirst for knowledge, a knack for learning software, an analytical mindset, and attention to details. It seems that you are looking for the right person and attitude, and I believe that I could be it!

My resume does not highlight my experience in marketing, it demonstrates my ability to adapt and succeed. If you’re wondering the application of my previous experience to your needs, I believe the most essential qualities would be the desire to learn and ability to multitask and communicate. My resume showcases how I can perform well in multiple industries and communicate across all levels of organizations.

I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about Maes Consulting and the position. I am confident that I would be an excellent addition to the team. My resume is enclosed. I look forward to sharing more of what I can offer.


Anna Cheung Cook

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