Content Marketing Specialist

Hello Skylar Barton,

I am applying for the Content Marketing Specialist Position. I would love to be added as part of your team to create and write content so that your brand can grow.

I love crossing my T’s and dot my I’s type of person as I have outlined the Social Savvy Geek Show Outlines for their podcast (all 5 seasons) as well as helped the CEO and Founder to come up with new season ideas and individual episodes.

I have been blogging for over three years now and through that, I have not only found a love for blogging and writing, but I have discovered blogging has become more than just words, it has become a heartbeat to my business. I understand that blogging for your business is part of your marketing activities and is more than just that like I have found.

I have managed social media accounts for a few of my clients; I have successfully managed Facebook Business Pages, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. My job was to take my clients’ blog posts and repurpose them into social media content. I also found curated content and posted relevant content onto their social media accounts.

I have created a few online courses for my business and am familiar with the technology, content, and more. Actually, I would find it fun to write content for an online course as I enjoy the strategy and creation of online courses.

My core value is to help my clients succeed on the online space by writing high-quality content that reflects their voice with authenticity. I am deadline focused and always make sure that you get the final say in any work I provide for your company.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Minor in English and have dabbled in journalism while I was in college. I have written for multiple magazines and newspapers as I built my portfolio to start my own business. One magazine was through the Air Force Base in Ramstein, Germany, while my husband and I were stationed there from 2011-2013. I wrote human-interest stories and thoroughly enjoyed writing for the newspaper.

I am excited to begin working for your company and cannot wait to hear back from you. Have a wonderful day.

Monica Miller

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