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Please consider my qualifications for content creation for your site. In addition to years of experience as a developer and author of multiple technical programs within the salon products industry, I have experience in personal blogs, and have also published a small book on my personal experiences as a single mother.
My pregnancy was a dream! As a single woman with little support other than myself, however, I was concerned over how I would manage the first year and beyond from a fundamental parenting standpoint. At the time I worked as Sales and Education Manager for a haircare manufacturer, so my role was nearly 100% travel. I had to rely on my doctor visits and the internet for the majority of my pregnancy education because I was constantly on the move, never at home. I researched everything from breastfeeding to co-sleeping, what poop colors mean, fevers, integrating pets with the baby, all as I strove to maintain a life balance alone. Did you know there are fewer resources for women without partners? Even birthing classes are geared toward having a partner – even though the CDC now claims that over 40% of all births are to single women.
When Harrison was six months old, I opened my own business. Interestingly enough, a large majority of my clients are single moms (or were single moms who have since remarried). I have built a large grassroots network of Mom-Information which I think would be a huge asset. “You are who you attract.” My business is thriving, so a few weeks ago I began integrating better health and fitness into my lifestyle. I was appalled at the amount of sugar in shelved baby foods, and so I puree much of what Harrison eats now in addition to the changes I have made in my own diet and activity plan. In three weeks I have lost as many inches off my hips and am serving as an inspiration to those around me in yet another way.
I am searching for ways to continue to help inform and inspire other mommas out there, and I think Mini Fresh could be a great resource and platform for this – in addition to offering healthy food options for our kiddos!

I appreciate your consideration. I will gladly submit a writing sample as well.

Thank you,

Katherine Hanson

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