Consultant Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am entering a proposal for this role as it is a seamless fit with my skill set and previous experience. I have worked with several large companies ranging from retail to software companies. Most recently I have started my own consulting firm and have helped several online entrepreneurs implement standard operating procedures as well as systems to automate their businesses.

In working with entrepreneurs and small business owners I have been managing their existing teams to make these systems work as well as meeting with them bi-weekly to create a motivated internal work culture. Team and project management is always something I include with all proposals as it’s integral in the long term success of my projects. I would hope to do this for you as well.

Systems that are my specialty include accounting and client management operations, marketing funnel and lead creation, internal work flow for employees, email list creation and builds, CRM implementation and work flow creation in those systems as well as an array of other project management tasks.

Why hire me? I am efficient and detail oriented. I speak the language. I am able to deliver project goals early and I think outside the box when it comes to helping clients complete projects. I am technologically skilled and understand many programs with ease, in fact I taught myself infusionsoft and salesforce. Most importantly, I am very skilled at working independently and from home, a skill that not everyone has to offer.

I know that I could be of great benefit for your organization and look forward to scheduling a call with you to discuss all of this in more detail.


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